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First Response Restoration, LLC is excited to offer this new and unique service!

In this fast paced world homeowners don’t always have the time to maintain their home or place of business. Let us do it for you!

First Response Restoration, LLC offers a Home Check-Up Service. You choose from a laundry list of items that are important to you and you would like, 1) done around your house or business facility and/or, 2)checked on around your house or business facility.

Note: This service not available in all locations. Please contact us to inquire about availability.

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This is a subscription service; is done on an agreed upon time frame (ie: annually or semi-annually); and continues automatically for your convenience until you cancel the subscription.

For example: Want your gutters cleaned out every October? Do your washing machine supply hoses need checked regularly for bulges? Want the icemaker line looked at to make sure it’s not dripping behind your refrigerator and rotting your floor? Would you like the batteries in your smoke alarm and CO alarm changed annually? How about changing your HVAC filters to keep your indoor air quality healthy? Your range hood filters should be cleaned/replaced to help avoid a potential fire hazard? All of these things can be done by First Response Restoration on a regular basis without YOU ever needing to think about them!

You have your car inspected yearly. How about your home?

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We offer a full range of services within the construction/restoration industry, from general construction with superior workmanship, to highly specialized mitigation and technical services.

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Our Mission

The mission of First Response Restoration is twofold: 1) to help people preserve, maintain, and enhance their home or place of business, and 2) manage the risks of everyday living and recover from unexpected events at their home or place of business. 100% satisfaction will be our goal, which we will earn by respectfully helping our customers protect, restore, and improve their property.

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Our Vision

To earn the reputation as being the premier, full-service general contractor specializing in remodeling and restoration/emergency services, company in the nation.